Frank DeBonis Photography

Award Winning Images

Frank DeBonis Photography

Award Winning Images

Specializing in Landscape Photography, Portraiture, and Images for Sale by Photo Stock Agencies


An expression I heard many years ago regarding what does it take to be a landscape photographer was “f8 and be there.” A large part of the satisfaction derived from being a landscape photographer is “being there,” getting out for sunrises and sunsets, enjoying nature in all its glory.


I’ve been intrigued by portrait photography for many years and I guess I can say I “dabbled.” It wasn’t until only recently I discovered a photographer on Youtube, Glyn Dewis (, whose photographs and educational videos were an epiphany for me regarding portraiture as an art form, and I have enjoyed emulating his style.

Stock Images

Shooting for stock is a creative challenge to produce quality images with subject matter ranging from people, landscapes, nature, still lifes, and macro photography. Click the icon above to see my current portfolio on Shutterstock.

About Me

      My name is Frank DeBonis. Having retired from a career in the information technology business in 2007, I have been able to pursue one of my life-long interests: photography.
      I have always been an avid photographer, shooting mostly nature, landscapes and macro. I have done some work for several newspapers as well as submissions to a popular national magazine, which included a cover shot. Now retired, I still shoot for enjoyment, but I have also been accepted as a submitter to several photographic stock agencies.
      My images have won numerous awards across a variety of photographic categories and venues, including landscapes, flora and fauna, and pictorials, at state fairs, various photo contests, and juried photography exhibitions.
      The purpose of this website is for me to use as a forum for showing and sharing some of my photos. I hope you enjoy it.